Airbrush Kit

iwata Offers Exclusive Airbrush Makeup Kits for India and Global Market. We have variety of packages to choose from.

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Product of Japan / Taiwan - Lifetime Warranty*. Think you want to give airbrushing a try? Not sur..
Rs.8,500 Ex Tax: Rs.8,500
Product of Taiwan Cloaked in black… and so small it’s nearly invisible, this Ninja-l..
Rs.18,300 Ex Tax: Rs.18,300
Compressor Features : - 5.0 Version Compressor - Max Pressure - 50 PSI - PSI Visual Gauge - Mo..
Rs.20,000 Ex Tax: Rs.20,000
 Very portable, light weight and Handy. Runs on inverter and available with battery backup as w..
Rs.14,300 Ex Tax: Rs.14,300