About Us

ANEST IWATA in the North America subsidiary of ANEST IWATA Corporation in Japan founded in 1926, which is a leading  manufacturer, specializing in Airbrushes and Compressors. ANEST IWATA is the leading producer of spray guns in the world.  ANEST IWATA has captured more than sixty percent of the high-quality spraying equipment market in Asia, and in certain Asian countries owns over eighty percent.

An unprecedented LIFETIME Warranty* backs all Iwata airbrushes which no one in this Industry can offer you. 

Mykonoscosmo is the Airbrush Makeup Company Located in New Delhi, INDIA. We are the Authorized Exclusive Distributors of Iwata Airbrush Makeup Systems for India Location. We have High Definition ( HD ) Makeup Products from Taiwan, UK and US.

Deals in Silicone Based, Water Based and Alcohol Based Makeup Products. We do carry all the Airbrush related accessories and spares.